Friday, January 9, 2009

What's playing in my deck

... nothing but those old-school H-Town tunes, of course. As always, it's good to be home. And if you stick around long enough, below is brief story about my very first brush with Destiny's Child.

Anyhow, because I got to sleep in for the first time in a long time, I'm doubling up on the playlist:

1. Wegonefunkwichamind by Big Mello.

2. Clean Up Man by Willie D.

3. Tell Me Something Good by UGK - No, Pimp C and Bun B weren't really from Houston but from nearby Port Arthur. But their careers were launched in Houston with this single, which I remember playing over and over again on The Box (97.9 FM on your dial) in 1992.

4. Keeping My Composure by H-Town.

5. Gota Let Your Nuts Hang by The Geto Boys - I used this phrase the other day, and the First Lady was completely taken aback. She'd never heard this before. I'm wondering if this was because she never played football or if it was truly a local expression.

6. Hooker Hooker by A.J., Kiotti, Nuwine.

7. 25 Lighters by DJ DMD featuring Lil Keke and Fat Pat.

8. Size Ain't Shit by The Geto Boys - Years later, I began to think of Bushwick Bill as Houston's answer to Ol' Dirty Bastard. As a hip-hop character, Bushwick was really one-of-a-kind. You couldn't invent the dude, even if you were trying.

9. Aggravated Monkeys by Blac Monks.

10. Second Nature by Destiny's Child - the first song on their first album. More than 10 years ago. Wow.

True story: I went to church my senior year with Beyonce and the girls. One of my best friends had told me about this group at his church, see. They were really good. They had signed a recording deal and everything. And I just rolled my eyes. Everyone has someone at their church who can sang.

Then I saw them - Beyonce has looked much the same since she was 14 years old. If I hadn't heard them sing a word, I would have been sold on their future. Looks like you've got a helluva future behind you, girl. Holla holla.

But then ... well, you know how it goes. We're talking about the world's best-selling female group of all time. Those girls could sang. I didn't even know they could dance until about three years later. Truly a double, no, a triple threat.

From H-Town, ch'eah.


avery said...

you heard the new face joint? (and seen the video? especially the video!) high note is that business. but you GOTTA see the video

Esquire said...

25 lighters on my dresser
I gots to get paid...

blackink said...

@Avery: Yo, I tried to catch a glimpse of the video online but I couldn't watch that joint. I'm gonna keep trying. But it goes without saying that Scarface hasn't lost anything off his fastball in recent years. If anything, he's gotten better with age.

@Esquire: Yessir, indeed.