Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's playing in my deck...

2009 edition. I need a soundtrack for the new year. This ain't gonna be it but it's a decent start:

1. My First Love by Avant with Keke Wyatt

2. Come and Talk to Me by Jodeci

3. (I Want Those) Flashing Lights by Colin Munroe

4. Nature of the Threat by Ras Kass

5. Punch Out by Big Shug

The last joint is bananas. Got me to thinking about Glass Joe and Bald Bull and making it through the first 50 seconds with Iron Mike's avatar.

Sigh. I wish I had never been convinced to sell my Nintendo at a garage sale.


Jack T. said...

Beating Super Macho Man meant more to me than anything else I had done my 8 year old life.

I used to love the old Jodeci videos. It would just be the 4 of them standing there singing, with the camera coming at them from 6 different angles. Funny then, funnier now.

blackink said...

You know, I always, always had problems with Mr. Sandman. He fought like Bald Bull, except you damn near had to take him the whole 3 rounds.

And, yeah, those Jodeci videos were from a much simpler time. Whether it was a concert, the desert or a street corner, them Hailey Bros, Mr. Dalvin and Devante were always the stars of the show.

Knockout Ed said...

Another reason I'm sad I sold my iPhone & can't wait to get a new one. I had a whole bunch of NES roms on my joint.