Thursday, January 15, 2009


If only the middle-school aged Blackink had been fortunate enough to be home on the day that this scene from "Days of Our Lives" aired on the tee-vee:

For Your Consideration - Longest Daytime TV Sex Scene...Ever @ Yahoo! Video

Trust me, I'm no prude. Far from it. But even for the midafternoon "stories," is this not a bit gratuitous? I guess even stay-at-home moms and grandmas need some mid-day titillation.

By the way, this actor nearly surpasses Shawn Wayans in his relentless effort to slip as much tongue as possible into the mouth of his co-star. Well done, sir.


Librachick said...

OH MY GAWD, this is so hilarious because I JUST watched this when it aired the other day! (Sorry, for reasons I can no longer justify, I'm a looooongtime, faithful Days of Our Lives watcher. That and Young and the Restless, thanks to DVR.)
And I'm laughing because I was thinking the same thing - that this was practically soft porn. In my more than 10 years of watching this soap, or soaps period, I just don't ever remember a sex scene this long and gratuitous.

I mean Chloe and Dr. Jonas got their freak ON that day! And Dr. Jonas cut the fool sticking that tongue all down her throat like that...He ain't even all that hot to me...but I know that's probably irrelevant you blackink, lol.

blackink said...

Librachick, the scene damn near made me awkward. And I hardly ever feel that way during a sex scene. But homeboy's roving tongue had me thinking of 7th-grade makeout sessions or something. There was nothing sexy about it at all.

And you're spot-on about me thinking all that talk about the relative hotness of Dr. Jonas is irrelevant. You know me well, LC! Lol.