Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Thousand Miles

Apropos of nothing really, other than the earlier Wayans reference:


Jack T. said...

I read an article about the Vanessa Carlton song being the whitest song ever. I think the Fleet Foxes have managed to beat her though.

blackink said...

I can believe it. The sad thing is, I found myself downloading "A Thousand Miles" about a year ago.

The First Lady never let me hear the end of it.

I blame it all on private school.

maria said...


fleet foxes rock. what's with attacking them? seems a bit random.

Jack T. said...


It's only an attack if you consider the phrase "whitest song ever" to be a bad thing. It isn't.


I have it too. I blame the string section. When it kicks in, I smile every time. It's a really good record, as is "White Winter Hymnal."

maria said...

jack t--what song are you referring to?

btw, they are on SNL tomorrow.

blackink said...

@Jack T: Man, tell me about it. I can't help the way I feel.

@Maria: I'm really, really out of it, apparently. I've never heard of Fleet Foxes.

And since I never watch SNL, there's a good chance I won't catch them on TV.

What's their best song? I'll download it.

maria said...

knowing your musical tastes, i don't think they would have much appeal.

but their single is called white winter hymnal, and my favorites is oliver james. there's one other one but i never know song titles. in fact i had to look up the single name (duh), and maybe because it has "white" in the title, it qualifies for jack.

don't know til he comes back.

Jack T. said...


White Winter Hymnal was the one I was talking about. It was a play on words, kinda like saying "White Christmas" is the whitest christmas song ever.

Blackink, I don't think you'd dig Fleet Foxes, but give White Winter Hymnal a couple of listens. The vocal harmony is really impressive. My lady won't let me hear the end of this either, but I'm on board with TNC in his disappointment with modern day hip hop. Just typing that last sentence forced me to go listen to the 7 minute remix to De La Soul's "Buddy."

blackink said...

@Maria: I might surprise you. I'm into all sorts of music - I might not like it all but I can appreciate it. I just happen to know a lot (relatively) about hip hop. It was the soundtrack of my youth. Often, I'm just staying in my lane on here.

No one cares about my thoughts on Tears For Fears. I don't think, at least.

@jack: You know, I go back and forth on my thoughts about the hip hop of this era. Some of it really is garbage. But then I go back and listen to, say, MC Eiht or Too Short or U-God, and I realize that was true of some of the music of my childhood, too.

But "Buddy" is clutch. I love De La. What did you think of Musiq's version?

(now I duck...)

Jack T. said...

Blackink: "Head Over Heels" and "Sowing the Seeds of Love" are two of my favorite songs ever. Tears for Fears were pretty decent in their day.

I treat Musiq's version of "Buddy" the same way I treat Godfather III: I pretend it never happened.

maria said...

i LOVE tears for fears! just listened to an old concert on cable on demand. still great.

blackink said...

@Jack: Lol. Yep. Pretty much.

@Maria and Jack: Don't get me started on Tears for Fears. That was probably my favorite group as a kid. I need to figure out if they still perform together. Believe it or not, I might pay to see one of their shows. But I wouldn't pay a lot.

maria said...

That was probably my favorite group as a kid.

as a KID. way to make ME feel ancient, tho i am 20 years your junior! when i was listening to them, i had my first kid already.

tho glad our conversations can span the gap!

Jack T. said...

Tears for Fears have gotten back together for short stints in the last few years, but nothing long term seems to be in the works. What's interesting is that they basically got into a producer vs. MC battle where they just couldn't get along in the studio. They were some personal/family issues in there too. Shame.