Monday, March 9, 2009

Free period

Sorry that I've been missing in action for the past couple of days.

I had a busy weekend - caught a state championship basketball game, a local strawberry festival, a Kool & the Gang concert and then spent Sunday bouncing around on a couple of assignments.

But a few things:

1. It's easy to forget how influential Kool & the Gang was during their heyday. They've done a little of everything, from funk to jazz to R&B to disco. "Get Down on It," "Joanna," and "Jungle Boogie," are only part of the story. They are a perfect performance band in that way. And judging from the sizable and lively crowd Saturday night, they can still make people move. Not surprisingly, they closed with "Celebration."

2. John McCain seems to be, in the words of Matt Y, substiting mockery for understanding. Which is a problem since people have a disturbing habit of taking him seriously. But why?

3. Honestly, I'm already tired of stories about Michelle Obama's arms. Enough already. She has the right to bare arms.

4. Strake Jesuit, undefeated champions of Region III-5A. Now on to Austin for the Final Four. Wish I could be there.

5. And I'm sure this video has already gone viral but I'm posting it anyway.

Just a few questions first: 1. People really eat sugar and rice? 2. I hope there's fluoride in Heaven. 3. And why is there no breakfast in Heaven? I've always imagined God's spread looked a lot like the Bellagio champagne brunch in Las Vegas.


Bougie Applebum said...

Did this man say "country ham"? Not just regular ham...but country ham. Like it's an upper echelon of the ham class.

Yes, I've heard of people eating sugar and rice, but personally I've never been able to digest the concept. I'm tripping on the fact he tossed Cap'N Crunch into the mix. But as long as he didn't say "No Mo' Cinnamon Toast Crunch", we cool. lol

maria said...

you mean the same strawberry fest that jessica simpson sang at?

blackink said...

@Bougie: Lol about country ham. How about Nuts of Grapes? Or mixed fruit? I mean, what's left for the morning time, for real?

And sugar and rice sounds disgusting. I used to work with someone who admitted to eating that. To me, rice should only be topped with butter and salt.

@Maria: The one and only. As far as local fairs, they seem to do pretty good. Among the performers to take the stage there were Taylor Swift, Willie Nelson, Jessica Simpson, K&G and a bunch of other country singers that I've never heard of. It's a pretty good event, and I'm 2-for-2 on attendance since coming to town.

avery said...

son! you put sugar in your rice when you eat it for breakfast. cuz you're eatin it as a cereal. other meals, you go with the salt or whatever. it's the same thing with grits. only where i'm fron, we only eat grits for breaffus. and then, only when we done ran outta rastus.

Jack T. said...

Kool & the Gang are crucial. If their lone contribution to music was "Hollywood Swinging" they'd still be worthy of discussion.

Bougie Applebum said...

Sugar and rice for breakfast... be still my aching stomach. lol.

Live and learn. Thanks so much for the lesson Avery. Now I know. :-)

blackink said...

@AT: Sugar and rice as cereal? Wow. Never had a clue. And do you know that I just bought a box of Cream of Wheat for the first time in about 8-10 years? I was missing those classics.

@Jack: Amen. And they're money in concert. They ain't lost too much. But I'll probably pass on their new album, "Still Kool."

@Bougie: Right there with ya.

avery said...

how bout for as much as i like creamawheat (cuz you know you gotta say it all together), i still be callin fools Rastus as a pejorative.

re: kool & the gang, before jt thomas, they were, like, the 2nd baddest funk band behind the JB's. (EWF goes in a separate category, for a lotta reasons.) on stuff like Give It Up and Chocolate Buttermilk? man, please. And Pneumonia? K&TG was serious.

blackink said...

Lol. See, I peeped you using "Rastus." Which is funny, because I just learned what the hell that meant the other day.

For real. I was doing some online research about Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben and then got to thinking about the brother on the box of Cream of Wheat.

Man, them first few ads for them joints were nothing nice. But it was about what I expected.

As for KT&G, I really need to get a complete catalogue. I feel like I missed out or something. But KT&G, EWF and the Gap Band were kinda all in that mix. They're all versatile and I bet they all give a great live show - though I saw the Gap Band once and they didn't even perform "Dropped a Bomb on Me." We all felt a little cheated.