Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Operation Tomahawk

Via the good-natured and Gator-backing folks at EDSBS:
TALLAHASSEE, AP – Bobby Bowden appealed to the NCAA to include wins from his past before. He may have to do it again.

Florida State will appeal the NCAA ruling in an academic fraud case including the vacating of 14 wins, but should the University lose the appeal Bowden will likely try a new tack. Rather than refuse to honor the NCAA, Florida State will instead lobby for the inclusion of several victories he participated in as a major in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

“Bowden wants that record badly enough to go that far,” said one administration source close to the situation who spoke to the AP anonymously. According to the source, Bowden is compiling documentation to back up claims of a share in at least 22 Confederate military victories, including the engagements of Bull Run (referred to as Manassas in FSU documents,) Fredericksburg, and Fort Sumter.

I can't imagine that Charlie Ward, Derrick Brooks or Peter Warrick were involved in any of those contests. And it'd probably be the one of the few times that I actually rooted against a team coached by Bobby Bowden.

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