Friday, March 13, 2009

Not fulfilling the dream

Travis Henry:

Former NFL running back Travis Henry recently fathered twin girls, but having children is nothing new to him. Henry has 11 children with 10 different women. His child support payments stand at $17,000 a month, and he is currently
in jail because he owes back child support.
Of course, you can't get there by being extremely virile and sexually reckless alone. Henry needed a monumental dose of idiocy along the way.

Henry argued that, within the context of richly paid athletes, he was not out of line. He contended that he owned no more than three vehicles at once and figured he had spent $250,000 on jewelry. “That ain’t a lot,” he said. Nevertheless, he was hoping to pawn some jewelry to pay off one of many debts and gain freedom.
Henry, of course, is moving into an elite level of company. He's ascending into rarefied air that includes such luminaries as Shawn Kemp, Evander Holyfield and the reigning champ, Calvin Murphy, allegedly the father of 14 children by nine women.

But all jokes aside, Henry is a particularly sad and pathetic case - he's also facing a federal cocaine trafficking charges. There's no chance that he'll support all of these kids into adulthood and, thus, like him, they're largely going to grow up without a father.

P.S. I can't resist passing along this joke: What do you get when you cross Travis Henry with Octo-Mom? China.


avery said...

yo, i'ma hafta steal that line. "not fulfilling the dream." that's so crazy.

*walks by random knucklehead actin a fool*. yo, you are not fulfilling the dream


But the bol travis... i thought he was 100%. he musta had a multiple birth in there somewhere. he could still be 100%. but all things considered, he >> kemp, cuz kemp was ON coke. travis DEALT.

blackink said...

AT, you're right. He's still at 100%. He just had twins. Not sure if that's with his current fiance or not. But if anything, the boi is consistent.

And lol about Travis > Kemp. That is the trump card - for the moment. Users are losers, eh?

But I think Kemp has a kid - Shawn Kemp Jr. - who's a pretty good freshman baller at Alabama. Kemp might get that money back before you know it.