Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's Dance

Against all semblance of logic and common sense, my bracket has climbed to first place in three separate NCAA tournament pools. This, from a man who had not watched a complete college basketball game since last April.

But through the first two days and nights of Madness, Phi Slamma Jamma Jr., is 26-for-32 and all of my Elite Eight teams are intact. Thus far, only Wake Forest, Florida State and West Virginia are eliminated from contention for the round of 16.
Good for me.

Anyway, since my basketball jones is in full effect, how about a handful of sportscentric links?:

1. Esquire comes up with a list of the seven "dirtiest" teams in NCAA tournament history. I was an unabashed fan of three of them. But why none of those Eddie Sutton-era Kentucky teams?

2. Seems obvious to me but, uh, it's wrong to conflate being a Blue Devil with being homosexual. Stop that shit.

3. How about some Tebow to go with your Tebow while you're watching Tebow? You know, if I'm still living in Florida this fall, I'm going to end up hating an actual, real-life humanitarian and genuinely decent kid. And it's not really his fault.

4. We're not quite neighbors but Derek Jeter seems like he's planning on staying in Tampa for quite awhile. However, 30,000-square feet seems a bit excessive. Who could - or would - ever buy that monstrosity from him if he ever decides to sell?

5. So, Stephen Curry and tiny Davidson College were denied an invitation to The Dance. Too bad for the rest of us. But my colleague, friend and Davidson alum - one of the 10 best writers I know personally - has written a book about their somewhat-miraculous run to the Elite Eight last year, and is powering an All-American effort of a blog about their season here. If you can stay up late enough, make sure to check out their NIT showdown with St. Mary's on Monday.

6. In case you didn't know, Kimbo Slice is apparently giving up grappling and kicking and tomfoolery of that sort for a sport where his HULK SMASH punches are better suited. I suppose that would be boxing. But I doubt it.

7. I don't care what the Selection Committee says, Siena knocking off Ohio State in the first round is a much bigger upset than the seeds would have you believe. Keep in mind that Ohio State has the nation's largest athletic budget at about $109 million. Siena spends about $9 million. The Buckeyes probably spend more money than that on jockstraps.

8. Ok, so President Obama made a really bad joke about his bowling ability that denigrated the Special Olympics in the process. No doubt. But I really hope that he's not hammered too much for it. If anything, it was a rare moment where a powerful political figure let down his guard and made an off-script joke. The sort of thing I might have said hanging out with my boys. Sure, it's wrong and it's insensitive. Then again, I never thought our president was supposed to be Jesus. With Obama, you generally know that his heart is in the right place.

And yeah, this Special Olympics champ (pictured above) would totally kick our president's ass on the lanes. Mine, too.

(Special Eds. note: TMZ makes me sick).
(Another note: that Special Eds. thing was not a pun. Seriously).

Enjoy your Saturday and some hoops, why don'tcha?

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