Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's playing in my deck

For the freak in you.

The only rule for this morning's list: I had to come up with songs that had the word "freak" in the title. It was actually much harder than anticipated; I struggled to come up with much of anything from hip hop.

Anyway, here goes, in as close to chronological order as I can get at this time of day:

1. Le Freak by Chic
2. Super Freak by Rick James
3. Freak-a-Zoid by Midnight Star
4. Freaks Come Out at Night by Whodini
5. Freaky Tales by Too Short (a song - and artist - with almost no redeeming artistic value)
6. Freak Me (remix) by Silk (words can not express how disturbed I am that I can't find the video for this)
7. Return of the Hip-Hop Freaks by Nice & Smooth
8. Freek'N You by Jodeci
9. We Can Freak It by Kurupt
10. Closet Freak by Cee-Lo
11. Freek-A-Leak by Petey Pablo

And even though this is absolutely out of order, there couldn't be anyone other than Adina Howard at No. 12. Class of '96, represent!

Actually, I thought about including songs from Korn and DC Talk as a nod to diversity. But I gotta be me. Especially in my own room.

More later.


Bougie Applebum said...

this is a good list.

yes, you threw your arm waaaay back and tossed out a fast one with the c/o 96 Adina Howard. that was my jam though...she was an O.G. when it came to Freakydom. lol.

d.c. talk - wow. were you ever a fan? my uncle gave me a d.c. talk tape back in the day but no matter how hard i tried (and Lord knows I tried) i just couldn't get into them. did i miss the beat? lol

Jack T. said...

Adina was big that year. Made a man out of many a poor boy.

Whodini. Classic.

Chic was a really good band. Le Freak has one of those great Nile Rodgers guitar parts. There's a reason they went on to become sought after producers. "Upside Down" for Diana Ross, "Like A Virgin" for Madonna, "Let's Dance" for David Bowie, these guys killed it.

I'm more partial to "Give it to Me Baby" but you can't go wrong with Rick. He really was Rick James, bitch.

If you told me when he came out that Petey Pablo was going to have two hit songs, I would have had you committed.

Cee-Lo is a monster. Another guy I never expected to break through to a pop audience. I heard he co-wrote "Don't Cha." He must be rolling in money.

No "Get Ur Freak On"?

avery said...

i'ma keep my "freakiness" in reserve, but you know i'ma tag in on this one.

my favorite-favorite rick james cut also comes from the Street Songs album (which is one of the most homoerotic album covers i know) - Below The Funk (Pass the J).

blackink said...

@Bougie: Nah, I was never a fan. I felt like I should have been but I guess I'm a heathen when it comes to music. D.C. Talk just didn't do it for me.

@Jack: Dammit, I completely forgot about "Get Ur Freak On." I knew someone was gonna get left out. My bad.

And someday soon, I'm gonna talk about the time I met Cee-Lo in person. No lie, that's one of my favorite artists in the game. I was re-listening to the "Still Standing" album yesterday, and man, he dropped gems all over the place.

@A.T.: You know, Rick James really could have only existed and prospered in the era that he did. Today, cats would think they're too macho to rock Rick's style. But yo, there might not have been a more hetero dude on this planet.

And I've always had a thing for "Fire & Desire." Maybe that makes me a sap.