Sunday, March 15, 2009

Down and out in Detroit (again)

Speaking of Detroit and its troubles, former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Ahem:

Kwame's Wife, Carlita (pictured above) (4:47 p.m.): Had a bad dream last night...that you had a girlfriend. So of course I woke up pissed!

Kwame to wife (4:52): LOL. I have one Girlfriend...My Best Ever and lastly My Soulmate! SLEEP WELL!!

Kwame to girlfriend (10:28): THIS IS FOR U! LOL. I have one Girlfriend...My Best Ever and lastly My Soulmate! SLEEP WELL!!

Let us never again speak of the days when Kilpatrick was referred to as the "Hip Hop Mayor."
P.S. Kilpatrick's wife and two kids have already started anew in Southlake, Texas, a ritzy suburb between Dallas and Fort Worth. Southlake is probably best known for its top-flight prep football program. Soon, Kwame will join them and start a new job as a health-care account executive. I hope he's smart enough to spend the rest of his life making it up to his family for humiliating them in such a public way.


maria said...

gross, but not surprising.

busy men may have time to cheat but they don't have time to be creative.

case in point: my husband (now-X) bought both me and his GF the same flowers for v-day.

blackink said...

Eh, that sucks Maria. Sorry to hear that.

But you know, I think the worst of it is the highly public way that Kilpatrick embarrassed his wife. I have no clue how you even begin to repair that relationship.

Have you seen some of those texts? Kwame was in deep with Beatty.

He might just say it was about the sex to his wife, but really think about what he was saying to his mistress and all the risks he took to carry on that affair. If I were Carlita, I could never forget all that.

The resentment and anger would be overwhelming.