Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Jacksons

A question, apropos of nothing other than the fact that I was listening to - and loving - "I Can't Help It" this morning: is it possible that Michael Jackson is still the most famous Jackson alive?

I think so. And it might not even be close. Here's my list:

5. Randy Jackson - the American Idol judge, not Michael's brother and member of The Jackson 5.

4. Samuel Jackson - he plays a crackhead better than anyone not named Dave Chappelle.

3. Jesse Jackson - I struggled with whether to put him over Sam but, man, he was the first serious black presidential candidate and he was there on that balcony in Memphis. It's a damn shame that he's not No. 1.

2. Janet Jackson - the woman who pretty much sent me into and through puberty.

1. Michael Jackson - unfortunately, his name is associated more with "Jesus Juice" than good music. In time, I think that will change. As long as he stays out of the spotlight - and the courtroom.

Honorable mentions: Bo Jackson, one of the greatest athletes of my lifetime (if this was 1990, he might have been No. 2); O'Shea Jackson, otherwise known as Ice Cube; Freddie Jackson, "You Are My Lady" is one of my all-time favorites; Shar Jackson, first babymama of Kevin Federline and one-time star of Moesha; DeSean Jackson, for all you Eagles' fans; Alan Jackson, a country music star that I've sort of heard of; Keith Jackson, the voice of college football for the past few decades; and Tito, Jermaine and LaToya are all in there somewhere.

So in the end, Joe Jackson really couldn't have been all that bad.

And I really find it amazing that Michael Jackson is still far-and-away the most recognizable Jackson on the planet.


maria said...

i like joe jackson--the white punkish rocker popular in the 80s...interesting theme for a blog post.'_Out_(Joe_Jackson_song)

Jack T. said...

Maria, I have 2 versions of "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" on my iPod. If there was a Carlton Banks Award for Nerdiest Black Guy Alive, I'd have that trophy in my office right now.

Does Jackson Browne count? Former Charlie's Angel Kate Jackson? Now I'm just being silly.

I think Sam should be higher up. He's the only person on this list who has done something useful in the last few years, even if it's only showing up in movies and yelling "motherfucker" on cue.

blackink said...

Joe Jackson? Hmmm ... see, I'm not even sure he's the most famous Jackson. But I'll get familiar later today.

Kate Jackson had a chance in the early 80s but then ... not really. She still couldn't have beat out Jermaine or Tito. The entire Jackson 5 would have been contenders back then.

And you really think Sam should be higher? Lol. Using your criteria, Randy Jackson might be No. 2 then.

Bougie Applebum said...

Whaaaat about Stoney Jackson?

Stoney needs luv too. lol

avery said...

but who's the most famous "Mike/Michael?"

blackink said...

Better question. And something that would make a better list. Michael Jordan is def No. 1, right?

Jack T. said...

Ave/BI, as long as Steele doesn't make the list, we're cool.

KST said...

@ avery & blackink: Michael Jackson wins "who is the most famous Michael" category hands down.

blackink said...

Does Jacko win the top Michael contest? I'm not sure. Michael Jordan was pretty much an international marketing force.

It's an interesting debate, to be sure.

Tyson, Jackson, Jordan ... there's a quick, off-the-top 3.

avery said...

i got jackson as the number-one mike. in 91-92, which might have been jordan's apex and jackson was still near the top, although slightly on the wane, jackson was still the mike. lots of people wanted to see jordan, but mike had jokers faintin. FAINTIN.

avery said...

oh yeah...and maria, that joe jackson joint is that fire!