Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost One

En route to the gym last night, I was having a running conversation with a friend about possible landing spots for top NBA draft prospect and former Oklahoma star Blake Griffin.

All things considered, we decided Oklahoma City would be a nice place for Griffin to start his career: he could play close to home; he would give the Thunder some much-needed muscle on the frontcourt; and, at least to me, Oklahoma City is an underrated place to live.

But minutes later, I got a text message from the aforementioned friend:

Blake Griffin's career over before it starts. Lol.
Somehow, without even asking, I just knew.

In the name of Danny Ferry, Bo Kimble, Michael Olowakandi and all that's good about the NBA, why did this have to happen to such a promising talent like Griffin?

Here's some required reading for anyone interested in learning about what awaits the great freckled one on the wrong side of the Staples Center.


Kia said...

And Stirling's tale gets an even more sordid take in a recent ESPN magazine article. The highlights, really the lowlights can be found at

blackink said...

Blech. Sordid doesn't even begin to accurately describe that dude, assuming those allegations are true.