Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh snap! Guess what I saw?

Have I mentioned lately how much the new Heineken commercial drives me crazy?:

I was never a huge fan of "Just a Friend" - I'm more of a "Vapors" sort of dude - but these ads and the renewed popularity of the song have pretty much sealed the deal.

Also, I was lurking on Free Darko's draft diary (thanks again, G.D.) the other night when blogger Dr. LIC mentioned that "No white girl knows the non-chorus words to 'Just a Friend.'"

Could this possibly be true? Somehow, I doubt it. Even if it's only this woman.

But if Dr. LIC is right, what other songs does this hold true for? I would have to think the list looks something like: "Baby Got Back"; "Big Poppa"; "Gin & Juice"; and "In Da Club."


KST said...

My college roomie (white, blonde, blue eyes) knew all of the words to "Gin & Juice." One night, she was so inspired by this song she decided to play bartender.

Well, we were broke ass students who *happened" to have a bottle of gin, but no juice. After scrounging for change in the couch cushions, we went to the corner store where she convinced us to buy this new Hi-C drink - Ecto Cooler. Google will explain it all...

We are still friends, but to this day, I hate that damn song.

Bougie Applebum said...

I'd add "Work It" to the list. The Texas gals loved Missy's jam.

Not a huge fan of "Just a Friend" but I admit, the cabbie kind of saved the commercial and got me to smile a little. Oddly enough, the very first time I heard "Just A Friend" a white girl was singing it in the halls at Rogers middle school. You already know the demographics of that Ram zone.

blackink said...

@KST: Blech. That sounds terrible. Ecto Cooler shouldn't be trifled with. And for the record, I can't stand Gin.

@Bougie: See, I totally forgot about "Work It." But I never thought it was popping like that. Really?

And I know those old Ram demographics, indeed. I could envision it happening as I read your comment.

Anonymous said...

Death in the Gulf Stream. Hemingway's favorite Gin Drink. Take a Tall water glass, fill with cracked ice and the juice of one lime, then fill with London Gin.
Now that's a killer Drink. I learned that one from, "Kutchie Pelaez", over at his place. Kutchie's Key West Bar and Grill,
several years ago. Kutchie serves The World's Greatest Cheese Burgers. Every one should try one someday, They're Terrific. Kutch also makes The World's Greatest Key Lime Pie, It would put tears in your mother's eyes. Just the Best Damn Pie you will ever eat. I don't want to sound like a commercial here, because Kutchie doesn't believe in advertising. He never has. Kutch just let's his products speak for themselves. Kutch, We Love You.

Kristy Swanson

Anonymous said...

They're Great, The Best Stuff We Ever Put In Our Mouth! Talking about those two key lime pies my brother brought us as a gift last week. He said that he picked them up down at the Kutchie and Anita's key lime pie factory.
Greg and I have been driving by there for a few years but haven't ever stopped in because they were always packed. Boy I can't believe just how stupid it was not to stop-in there.

Now let me tell you, that Kutchie and Anita bakes the best pies that we have ever had. The right balance of sweetness and tartness, just perfect.
We sure will be visiting there a lot now, that's for sure. My brother Dave said many people around there call the pies "Sun Shine in A Pan". Those pies sure give us smiling faces and that's no lie.

Sally and Greg

Jake Carson said...

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