Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fit for a King

Thoughts about today's memorial service? I just finished up watching a replay on VH-1 a few minutes ago.

Did anyone else feel like they experienced some Church? Or did it feel like the most somber, star-studded concert ever?

To me, the organizers seemed to hit all the notes that BET missed - badly - during its Awards Show a couple weeks ago. It was a memorial service fit for a King.

Stevie was Stevie. Usher sounded better than ever. I loved Magic's story about sharing a bucket of KFC with Michael - it was especially humanizing. Rev. Al was particularly stirring. Marlon made it a little, uh, drizzly in here.

And Paris' impromptu tribute to her father stole the show. It was touching but I really hope that's the last time we'll hear from her for quite awhile.

By the end, I felt like part of the family. To borrow a riff from Jamie Foxx, today's service proved without a doubt that Michael really did belong to us.

If only for a passing moment.


Bougie Applebum said...

Oh I definitely felt like there was some Church all up-and-through. I had my offering ready.

As usual, Stevie did his thing. Rev. Al got a pass for perhaps the best phrase of the year and yes, Marlon tugged on tear ducts.

But Paris' speech - good golly wow - I was brought to tears. Of course, now there is much backlash about whether her speech was appropriate. But I think the speech was right on time.

blackink said...

Yeah, the First Lady didn't see Paris' moment until she got in from work last night. When she finally saw it, there were definite waterworks.

And like you, I didn't have a problem with her stepping to the mic. It was, to me, something she seemed to want to do.

Anonymous said...

good post...and i applaud paris's bravery for getting up there at all. thats so grown of her little self.
and i love stevie singing two of my favorite stevie songs. whew.

KST said...

I was glued to my computer screen during the service. I think I welled up as soon as the choir began singing.

You're right - the memorial was everything the BET awards were not. My heart broke for those children. Paris' speech, Blanket sucking his fingers and holding a doll, and Prince Michael hugging his sister - I'm about to start crying again...