Friday, July 10, 2009

Not fulfilling the dream

Martellus Bennett and the "Black Olympics," featuring fried chicken, watermelon and Kool-Aid. Because, you know, black people don't actually compete in the real Olympics.

And stereotypes are funny:

Eh. I never liked the Cowboys anyway.

h/t You Been Blinded and The Big Lead.


Max Reddick said...

Uh, okay. We just been set back 200 years. I'm going to have to hide out in the swamps and find my way North until the fallout from this blows over.

blackink said...

I think, in his way, Martellus Bennett never really learned when people were laughing with him and laughing at him. Truth is, he's really empty-headed.

I know of him from the Houston area. He's been trying to get attention since he was a teenager.

He shouldn't be seeking this sort of attention, though.