Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An indecent proposal

UPDATE: Seems like Rampage needs to be neutered. He seems to be unusually frisky. If you see him anywhere on the street, don't make eye contact with him and briskly find safe quarters.

Lucy Liu, you've been forewarned. Stay far away from this manimal:

More than ever, the moniker "Rampage" seems appropriate. h/t Sporting Blog.

On a somewhat-related note, Victoria might be the craziest Jackson of them all.


Jack T. said...

Did I just watch a man hump someone on camera? Geez, Rampage. You're a big time fighter, you shouldn't have to work this hard to score with the ladies. If the morons on my undergrad's baseball team could con sophomores into threeways, you can do the same.

Victoria Jackson needs attention. Medical attention. She wants people to believe that she isn't getting acting jobs because she's a conservative. She doesn't get acting jobs because she has one character and she doesn't even do it well.

Esquire said...

That article by Victoria is an instant top five worst things I have ever read by anyone.

Sweet Jesus, keep watching over us.

blackink said...

I see sexual assault charges in his future. His immediate future.

And what we're seeing from Victoria are the tears from a clown. She makes Sarah Palin look like a Mensa candidate.