Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The decisions that really matter, Denver edition

On the night of my college graduation party, my father shared some advice with me that seemed odd at the moment but still resonates eight years later: when choosing a woman to settle and start a family with, make sure that she's the one you want raising your children and someone who brings pride to the family name.

We all know people who've erred in this decision before, bringing upon themselves untold amounts of chaos and grief and distress. It's one of those crucial decisions that you really can't afford to get wrong.

My father's words came back to me Monday night as Michelle Obama bathed in applause following her address to the Democratic National Convention, a heartrending speech that proved her to be every bit the equal of her oratorically-gifted husband.

I've heard this sentiment bandied about a lot over the past few months but, more than ever, I find myself admiring Barack Obama - if he knew enough to pursue and marry a woman like the former Michelle Robinson, then I'm more inclined to trust his judgment in other areas.

Other notes from the Democrats' opening night in Denver:

It was great to see Senator Ted Kennedy in fighter's form last night. I, too, hope he makes it back to Capitol Hill in January. But judging from the reaction of Maria Shriver and the cryptic calmness of Kennedy's friends and supporters, I think this might have been his final moment in the spotlight. Which is sad for a host of reasons, particularly that Kennedy might be one of the few proud, unapologetically liberal members left in the House.

Despite Michelle Obama's big moment onstage, the most powerful line of the night went to Kennedy: "Barack Obama will be a commander in chief who understands that young Americans in uniform must never be committed to a mistake."

If Oregon State isn't going to have a great basketball program under Craig Robinson, then it's never going to happen. What a moment for the Beavers last night. Shouldn't Robinson be able to get into most of the homes of every second- and third-tier basketball recruit of the country?

If it wasn't already obvious before, Karl Rove is a nauseous douchebag. I made the mistake of forcing myself to watch the reaction to Michelle Obama's speech on Fox News. Here's Rove assorted takes on the night: "she didn't do a great job of saying she loves America" and "I didn't get a sense of connectedness" and "they have a very businesslike relationship" and "I didn't get a sense of deep warmth there" and "I thought it was a call for a union organizing drive" and "it was a stump speech." Not to mention this closing nugget of compassionate conservatism, with Rove complaining that Michelle Obama promised "every family will get this and every child will have a world-class education." Rove snorted at the end of the sentence. Snorted, as if those weren't admirable goals. Again people, there's an important choice to make this fall and we tend get the government that we deserve. What are we going to do?


Dave said...

Karl Rove saying he failed to detect warmth from Michelle Obama is not very surprising. Rove is a cold-blooded snake who needs to lie on a smooth rock in the sunlight to feel any warmth.

blackink said...

Haha. Dave, you hit the nail on the head.

There's nothing Michelle Obama could have said that would have satisfied Rove last night, short of "and despite my love for Barack, I'm going to be backing McCain this November."

Honestly, Rove is as responsible for the decline of civil political discourse as any one person over the past decade. And how's that working out for us?

John P. Araujo said...

I'm surprised you could even watch Fox. I can't watch that channel.

Donecia Pea said...

I'm with you john, I don't know how anyone could even subject themselves to watching fox for any reason at any time, lol, but especially last night...

Lol at dave, that's a good one!

Anyway good summation of last night's events, Joel, though you've now depressed me about ol' Teddy... I really want to believe he will be there in January. I mean I thought he looked great last night.

I mean, the way the media pundits kept alluding to his health leading up to his speech, I thought he was gonna dang near come out on a gurney or something, but he was awesome and I felt very optimistic.

But you're right, Maria's reaction, as did Caroline's, definitely made me feel a little uneasy...

blackink said...

D, regarding Fox, some of us have to keep our eyes on the other sideline, so to speak. Never know which signals you might pick up that could help us in the long run.

But, yeah, I'm already getting a little wistful about the impending end of the Kennedy era. Hopefully, we're going to see the dawn of a new, more prosperous era in the near future.