Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Too many choices

I'm watching the Joe Biden acceptance speech at the moment and it occurred to me that, man, the Democrats have an awfully deep bench behind the Obamas.

Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton. Howard Dean. John Kerry. Joe Biden. Hell, Beau Biden. Ted Kennedy.

It might be because there's so many dynamic, talented people waiting in the wings, dysfunction is the only natural byproduct. You figure the Republicans wish they had so many appealing options for No. 2, No. 3 and beyond. Unless, uh, you actually know who Tim Pawlenty is.

I only wonder what might happen if the Democrats could unite all their forces. Maybe we'll find out this fall.

UPDATE: I try not to be overly syrupy or offer too much instant analysis in this spot but, my goodness, the closing moment of the convention tonight - with Barack taking the stage with his veep - was something that Democrats couldn't have scripted any better. It's going to be tough to top Wednesday.

But Spike Lee predicted a Jordan-like performance tomorrow and you know Mike rarely settled for second-best.

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