Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some advice for Barack Obama

Not that he needs any from me, let alone anyone else. But since everyone else is playing pundit today, so will I:

Don't follow any unsolicited advice. Follow your instincts and trust the people you've always trusted. Just do you. You didn't get here - on the cusp of the White House - by following the conventional wisdom.

Understand that no matter what you say, or how you say it, at least half of the people will disagree (most of them will be watching on Fox News) and another quarter or so will wish you had said something else (most of them will be wearing "Team Hillary" T-shirts).

Some will say you didn't prove that you could relate to blue-collar America. Others will complain that you didn't offer any specifics about your policies. A few will fret that you did nothing to calm the fears of those who don't believe you're experienced enough. The rest will just generally hate on you.

And they have every right to go make a speech of their own somewhere else on some other day. But - as the late Ralph Wiley might have said - having seen you in action, I'm sure they would rather not suffer greatly by any comparisons.

Good luck and Godspeed. I'll be watching.

P.S. - That will probably be all the posting I can muster for the day. I want to watch some football (ah, finally), watch the speech and generally relax away from the computer. But, chances are, I might come back later in the night or early in the morning for some reax to Barack's big moment. Let's meet up again soon.

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