Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So Hillary nailed it. From start to rousing finish.

I loved the Harriet Tubman line. The "Twin Cities" riff was clutch, too. She let everyone know what the stakes are this November.

Pretty much, she made the holdouts seem really, really petty. If you're not down with Team Obama, she essentially said, then you're not really down for the Democrat cause.

In any Obama administration, Clinton (hey, maybe both of them) needs to be involved in some way. Democrats need Hillary's influence and votes on the Senate floor, and she will have another opportunity to push through universal health care. No one will ever deny Hillary her standing in the Democratic Party, certainly not Obama.

So, can we all just get along?

(By the way, sorry about the light posting today. Tuesday is almost always my busiest day of the week. I'll have more tonight and tomorrow).

UPDATE: Damn. Michael Tomasky is making me rethink some things tonight. I'll revisit this in the morning.

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