Thursday, August 28, 2008

No room for you in this party

Lanny Davis was easily the most detestable cable TV pundit during the primaries, eclipsing even Karl Rove. Most of the time, I wondered if Davis was merely delusional, crazy or in love with Hillary Clinton.

It might have been all three (hey, Davis and Clinton did attend Yale Law School together before either was married).

Here he is again, telling Slate's Christopher Beam that it's Barack Obama's responsibility to mend fences with the pro-Clinton crowd by acknowledging his perceived lack of experience:

"And rather than his arguing, as he did in the primaries, that you don't need experience … it's better to say, You're right, I do lack experience. He has implicitly said that [by picking] Joe Biden already."

(from Beam) I don't doubt Davis is serious. But as Lanny himself would say, I don't question his motives—only his judgment.
A few other interesting nuggets from this story: Lanny Davis is the father of Sports Illustrated basketball analyst Seth Davis; Davis apparently starts to cry during the video montage that played before Clinton's address Tuesday; and Sen. Chuck Schumer apparently can't stand Davis.

Which makes at least two of us.

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