Friday, October 24, 2008

Celebrating the Cooter

This weekend, in a county a few miles north of my home, there will be an event called the Great American Cooter Festival.

Just this week, there's already been the Cooter Idol semifinals and Cooter Night at Beef O' Brady's. Tonight will be the Cooter Blast featuring the Alabama Blues Brothers. And on Sunday, someone named Shana Banana will perform for the kids.

I didn't even mention the contest pitting young women against each other for the somewhat unfortunate title of Miss Cooter.

The locals claim the Cooter party is a celebration of a certain type of pond turtle found mostly in Florida. "The Daily Show" knew better than that.

One of my current editors was interviewed by Ed Helms in the aforementioned bit. Greg, as always, was a good sport. And here's a link to his column calling festival organizers on their bullshit.


Anonymous said...

i'm speechless. wow.

blackink said...

I'm honestly wondering if I should swing by Citrus County to take in some of the festivities.