Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sarah Palin's "Real" America

Nate at finds the difference between Sarah Palin's "real" America and the America where everyone else lives:

Since her coming out in Dayton, Ohio on August, 29th, Palin has held (or is scheduled to hold) public events in 44 cities according to the candidate tracker. These include all events described as "rallies", "town halls", "gatherings" or "discussions", but not things like press availabilities, fundraisers or debates. I looked at the racial composition of voting-age (18+) population in these 44 cities as according to the 2000 census.** They are, on average, 83.3 percent non-Hispanic white, 7.5 percent black, 5.2 percent Hispanic, and 4.0 percent "other". By comparison, the US 18+ population in 2000 was 72.0 percent white, 11.2 percent black, 11.0 percent Hispanic, and 5.9 percent other. Thirty-four of Palin's 44 cities were whiter than the US average.

So, basically, Palin's version of "real America" has more non-Hispanic whites than the general average. Sounds a lot like Wasilla. Or Main Street. It's just too bad she would have to govern from a Communist stronghold - and home to hundreds of thousands of Marxists black folks - like Washington, D.C.

UPDATE: More on fake America and the America conjured up by McCainites like Nancy Pfotenhauer. This time, it's northern Virginia - just close enough to those pinkos in D.C. - that's not real enough for Republicans.

UPDATE 2: UBM submits a link from a recent Palin rally. You know, just more real Americans.

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