Saturday, October 25, 2008


Alan Keyes, perennial candidate and the Washington Generals of politics. No offense to the Generals.

Keyes is 0-for-5 in political campaigns and, uh, all but certain to drop to 0-for-6 on Nov. 4. But at least he's got the support of Joe The Plumber. One loser deserves another, I suppose.

When it's all said and done, someone should ask Keyes what it's like to lose to Barack Obama twice.


John P. Araujo said...

(coughcough)KeyesisoneImighvotefor(coughcough)Ron Paul is the other. Reason? Keyes is a prolife Catholic, the way a Catholic candidate should be unlike, er (cough)JoeBiden(cough), while Paul is prolife and anti-war. If they could both be on the same ticket, I'd vote for them hands-down easy, and I'd even break my own rule about not helping candidates for office through volunteer work (By the way, I don't offer nor accept offers to help candidates, because I want the freedom to criticize them without giving the impression of a conflict of interest. Yeah, I'm just writing a blog instead of working for a paper, but I take my objectivity seriously).

John P. Araujo said...

Oops, I hit the wrong key before I was finished. Anyway,I wish that both Keyes and Paul had a decent shot to run, but the odds are against them, unfortunately, as someone that prolife is not going to have a shot so long as the Dems stay lockstep with the prochoice side and the GOP stays cowardly on the issue as always. And before you start telling me about George Bush's prolife views, he only got elected because of the ineptitude of the Dems rather than any accomplishment on his part. The main mark in Bush's favor is that he didn't set the cause back, but he didn't advance it either.

blackink said...

You know where I stand on this one, J.P.: I can't cast my vote based on one issue. And Alan Keyes, at heart, is a one-trick (issue) pony. Ron Paul appears principled and passionate but I couldn't cotton to him being leader of the free world.

While I certainly respect your anti-abortion beliefs, I obviously feel differently and, what's more, I'm more interested in ending the Iraq War, fixing our nation's broken economy, providing affordable health care to all our citizens, coming up with ways to improve our educational system, reducing our dependence of foreign oil, restoring the country's standing in the world, etc, etc, etc. Like, I'm very concerned about doing things to help the poverty-stricken among us. But it's not a make-or-break issue for me. As long as I share most of the same beliefs with a candidate, I can cast a ballot for them in good conscience.