Friday, May 15, 2009

But he's gay

As usual, The Daily Show is making a lot of sense.

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Dan Choi Is Gay
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KST said...

Thanks for posting this. This clip nicely illustrates the absurdity of the "Don't ask don't tell" policy.

blackink said...

Yeah. I also meant to mention that it seems a lot more people are interested in nailing Nancy Pelosi for what she may or may not have been briefed about than investigating the actual people who wrote and carried out our torture program.

Everything is always bad for Democrats, eh?

KST said...

It is interesting how even the Dems are skewering her right now. I have stay tuned to this to see how it turns out. Honestly, I kind of think the last thing that the party needs right now is a lot of infighting.

blackink said...

Even when the GOP is weak, Democrats figure out ways to level the playing field. Argh. It's frustrating. But I hope Pelosi holds her ground, and that a probe will come of all of this silliness.