Friday, May 15, 2009

Maybe if he agreed to call himself "Toby"

The NFL seems to be going out of its way to make life hard for Chad Ocho Cinco. Or Ochocinco, as it were:

The Bengals complied, but the NFL balked. It said the receiver would have to pay for the large inventory of “Johnson” jerseys that Reebok stocked for the season—ones that would be a tough sell—before he could switch. The receiver declined, choosing to play the season under his old name.

The league has agreed to let him wear his new name this year, but it will be rendered as “Ochocinco” because that’s how he wrote it when he submitted his name-change form in Florida.

“It’s his legal name,” AFC information manager Corry Rush said Thursday.

Honestly, why are they expending so much effort to prevent him from changing his name?

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KST said...

Lol at the title of this post. Sorry, I got nothin' else for you on this one...