Friday, May 15, 2009

I'll do it for free, chicken

If I get a taste for some to-go chicken and a genie gives me a wish, I don't even have to think hard about my first choice.

Given that I don't have a magic lamp and my options are a little more limited in Tampa, I would probably have to go with Popeye's. But KFC has given me something to think about.

I think I'm gonna try the grilled stuff this weekend at some point. It'll be the first time I've eaten at KFC this decade.

Once upon a time, they really had me hooked on that Rotisserie Gold. I never got over it when they took it away from me. Not to mention, I miss those red-and-white striped buckets. Do they still have those?

Here's a flashback from my younger days, which included the occasional thoughtless eating binges on fried food:

And "monkhead." Really?

Post-script: explanation for title of the post here.


Bougie Applebum said...

Last weekend I traveled from Sugar Land to Third Ward just to get a taste of that Frenchy's Flavor. Ooooo wheee...I was down for the count after that. And it was "Peach Cobbler" day too?! Come on now. You know I wasn't any good after that nice little number.

The things we will do for some good chicken. lol

KST said...

@black ink: Please don't try the grilled chicken at KFC. Honestly, it ain't good.

G.D. said...

"I'll do it for free, chicken!"

that whole routine is painfully funny.

blackink said...

@Bougie: Dammit, I'm jealous. Peach Cobbler? Don't tell me you had some Frenchy fries or some dirty rice either. I know you had the itis after that one.

@KST: Word? Really?

@GD: One of my all-time favorite comedy routines. I can't even think about juice anymore without breaking into laughter.

Bougie Applebum said...

Yes, I enjoyed the Frenchy fries WITH a Strawberry (as some say...SCRAWberry) drink.

Oh yeah, you knot the itis showed up in full effect after that one.

I haven't tried the grilled chicken at KFC but all of the feedback I've heard is negative. Echoing KST's comment, there's no love for the grilled meal from those who have tried it.

blackink said...

Damn. That sucks. I'm actually about to pick some up for dinner tonight.

I'll report (blog) the results. Maybe I'll get one of those ridiculous carb-buster bowls of cheese, potates and garbage, in case the chicken is terrible.

Or not.

avery said...

COS w/ KST. grilled is wack.

best thing they YEVER had was that rotisserie gold. they ain't never faded that.