Saturday, May 16, 2009

Verdict rendered

Chef G. Garvin and Joe Clair are right: KFC grilled chicken is pretty damn good.

But the dancing really isn't necessary.

Post-script: I sort of shamed myself in particular and black people in general this afternoon. At dog obedience class this afternoon, the teacher took notice of the dark-blue Superman shirt I was wearing. He jokingly asked what my Kryptonite was and I, absent-mindedly, responded: fried chicken. Gah. That was not fulfilling the dream.


KST said...

I've notified The Drop Squad. They will arrive at your house shortly.

Seriously though - you liked it?

blackink said...

Ah, The Drop Squad. I'll be waiting for them. Vondie Curtis-Hall has been off screen for far too long.

And yeah, the chicken actually wasn't all that bad. I'd get it again, and I'm sure I will this week. It ain't the best in the world but it gets the job done.

avery said...

yeah, no.

maybe it's the kfc you went to, cuz every time i've had that stuff, it was, as the pimp said when she brought back $35 for a night's work, 'hoe-riffic.'

KST said...

@ blackink: Have they arrived yet?

@ avery: Lol. You stated "everytime I've had..." Does this mean you tried it, didn't like it, and went back again?

avery said...

yup. i had that joint, then the coupons came out, so i had it again. thought maybe it was just that gully joint around my way. crossed state line? bam! still awful.

KST said...

@ avery: That's hilarious! Gotta love those coupons.

blackink said...

Hoe-riffic? Lol. I dunno bruh. I'm still gonna give them another chance. I mean, I've definitely had worse grilled chicken for more $$$.

And nah, the DROP Squad couldn't make it. They running on c.p. time, I guess.