Friday, June 12, 2009

Apropos of nothing

Too Short is easily the worst, semi-popular rapper of my lifetime.

He edges out a host of others for this particular dishonor, including Ice T, Mike Jones, MC Eiht, U God, everyone in 2 Live Crew and the entire No-Limit camp.

The competition was stiff. But only one person can be the worst:


avery said...

worse than u-god, b? that's soooome kinda bad!

actually, i don't know if u-god was that bad or if he was just the worst of the wu, which might be like being the worst player on the showtime lakers.

however, in an all-time worst competition, you gotta bring in both cats from group home. they was on randy watson status.

Max Reddick said...

You taking the wrong approach to this thang, BI. Now, I wouldn't say he is the worst, but he is still pretty bad. But look at it this way. How can someone be so bad at something and still make a living from it? Because he's a born hustla. You should have seent dat. Game recognize game.

Bougie Applebum said...

@ Max - LOL. Game recognize game. I love it.

After the beat down on Too Short, I'm hesitant to admit I owned one of his cuts back in the day. And I thought it was jamming.

blackink said...

@Ave: Lol. You know what? I had this conversation once before, and someone did bring up Group Home. They were pretty terrible. And very, very forgettable. But "Living Proof" lives on forever.

And you might be right about U-God. I mean, he had no chance. How do you think he did in their ciphers? Yowch!

@Max: Ha. Nah, fam. If he was a real hustla, he would have had a dental plan? Right?

@Bougie: Geez. I can't believe it. Then again I can. I mean, he was popular for a time. I just never understood why.

Max Reddick said...

You got me with that one--a dental plan. But maybe it's just part of his swagger. Maybe it's purposeful like Nas' chipped tooth early in his career.