Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now time to hug it out

Via John Cole, It's only fair that I mention The Corner's Ed Whelan has issued a very thorough and thoughtful apology for outing Obsidian Wings blogger publius:

On reflection, I now realize that, completely apart from any debate over our respective rights and completely apart from our competing views on the merits of pseudonymous blogging, I have been uncharitable in my conduct towards the blogger who has used the pseudonym Publius. Earlier this evening, I sent him an e-mail setting forth my apology for my uncharitable conduct. As I stated in that e-mail, I realize that, unfortunately, it is impossible for me to undo my ill-considered disclosure of his identity. For that reason, I recognize that Publius may understandably regard my apology as inadequate.
No question, Whelan did the right thing. Maybe he didn't go far enough in making amends. But publius has graciously accepted the apology.

So nothing more to see here. Just something to remember, when playing around in the sandbox that is the blogosphere. Be careful.

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