Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hockey, Summer and Me

For something a little different, I sat down last night with a plate of chicken wings, a tub of ranch dressing, a glass of cranberry juice and Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

If I say so myself, not bad. If every game was played with that sort of intensity, I might become a full-fledged fan of the sport. (I was rooting for the underdog Penguins even though it would have been nice to see something positive happen for the good folks of Detroit).

In fact, I'm sort of sad that hockey season is over and the NBA Finals are coming to an end in the next couple days, if not Sunday. That's mostly because I hate - really, absolutely detest -baseball and the complete absence of watchable sports during the summer.

In my bachelor past, this would have meant two or three months of video games until football season kicks off. But now I'm waaaaay behind on my gaming knowledge. I still own a PS2 and didn't even bother to get the most recent copy of Madden for the first time in my life.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

In the meantime, I reminisce over you hockey and Nintendo:

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