Monday, June 8, 2009

Memory Lane

Classic mid-'90s shit to start off the week:

But really, what in the hell did LL Cool J say in his verse? It ranks near the very top of my list of most incomprehensible rhymes ever. He made "Woo-Ha!"-era Busta sound intelligble by comparison.


Jack T. said...

"Hollis to Hollywood, but is he good... Flavor like pralines - sick daddy, ya'mean?"

Got me, BI. But then again, when do I know what LL is talking about? It always sounds like "I'm gonna love you so hard, girl Many a Potential JT First Lady would get all heated at me for criticizing the man.

This remix is a goodie, but not a good example of how to do a remix. Let Biggie go last. Otherwise you start off high (Biggie's verse is a classic) and head downhill quick - Boy Scout's verse being the exception (what happened to him?).
When I was a young buck, I'd listen to Biggie's verse, ignore Craig's, listen to Boy Scout's, ignore LL's, and be mystified by Busta Bust's.

Puffy made a lot of money off of me in 1994. I miss you, Total...(sniffle).

blackink said...

Dude, lots of good things to respond to here:

1. Seriously, ain't LL on HGH or some other performance-enhancing drug? He looks younger now than he did 15 years ago.

2. And LL has been getting a pass on making sorry-ass music for about a decade now. Remember "Phenomenon"? I think that started it all.

3. I see what you're saying about the remix lineup but, you know, I don't really have a problem with Biggie going first. He sets it off perfectly. Hell, I wish they gave him two verses. As you might imagine, the Houston shout out got me all hype.

4. Isn't amazing that Rampage got a slot on this song? I mean, you're right: he represented on this remix. But how did he get invited? Did Busta have that much pull even then?

5. Total: proof that, once upon a time, Puff had magical musical powers. How he ever got that sad-singing trio to make good music is still a mystery.

G.D. said...

cosign everything said above. and for the longest time, i swore that one chick in Total that married Omar Epps was The Baddest Chick on Erf.

"Word to mama/tongue-kiss a pirahna/Electrocute a baracuda/i'm here to bring the drama."

what in the damn?

Max Reddick said...

But that was the joint! Yeah, LL has been putting out some BS for a while now. But he's considered a legend so maybe he deserves his pass.

blackink said...

Lol at "what in the damn?"

That chick from Total was married to Omar Epps? Wow. Where have I been?

And without being too raw about it, uh, there's really only one of them we're talking about, I think.

Jack T. said...

LL has been sorry for a minute, but Max is right. The man has been coasting on Mama Said Knock You Out for a while.

I don't know about HGH, but I think his face has been worked on.

You're right about Biggie needing two verses. The man got me to listen to the first 1:06 of Total's "Can't You See" by doing what he did best: dropping straight fire from the get-go.

I don't know how Rampage got on this remix. Maybe he helped Busta write his verse. But this is a high point for him. He scorched this but was never able to capitalize on it. This seems to be a problem with Diddy (ummm, Curry? Mark Curry? Anyone seen Mark Curry?). He can't seem to keep people going. Craig Mack, Total, Black Rob, the list goes on...

G.D., those ridiculous words aren't nearly as ridiculous as the first 6 words of this verse.