Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Writing a check that his ass can't cash

Joe Scarborough, poking Jon Stewart:

This will not end well. As DMX once warned, "niggas pumped you up/to watch you get beat."


Max Reddick said...

I can't stand Joe Scarborough. He's so smug when he's spouting that BS.

I think I smell a beat down coming. I'm going to follow this one just to see how it comes out.

Jack T. said...

"I'm tellin' you this for your own good, EVERYBODY is The Man in they own hood."

You know what Joe is going to do. He's going to stay on MSNBC going "I don't know what the big deal is. This guy's taking shots at me when I just did what he does all the time." Somebody should have told Joe that selling his book isn't worth the price his self esteem is about to pay. But then again, he may not have much self esteem left.

Jack T. said...

"His show isn't brewed by Starbucks, it's brewed by Masengil." Damn.

He didn't take to many direct swings. He seems to be letting Scarborough know that being short doesn't bother him. Still pretty funny though.

blackink said...

Yeah, it was nice. But he pulled on a few punches. It could have been much uglier.

I guess, Stewart doesn't consider Scarborough to be worth much serious effort. At least, not in the way he did Cramer.