Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another reason to hate baseball

National Review's Andy McCarthy:
Put aside the unacknowledged booing for a moment. The other embarrassing fact is that my six-year-old throws a baseball better (far better, in fact) than Obama. Yet the media went out of its way to obscure that, too — no doubt wishing to avoid unfavorable comparisons to the strike President Bush famously fired from the mound at Yankee Stadium at the 2001 World Series. In its live broadcast, Fox (and remember, this is Fox Sports, not Fox News) covered Obama’s first pitch at a very weird angle that conveyed his spastic motion but didn’t do justice to how pathetic the toss was. But that’s nothing compared to ESPN’s laughable coverage. Here’s the clip. Besides reporting only that there was a “standing ovation for the commander-in chief,” the announcer made a point of noting that Obama’s pitch “didn’t bounce” before reaching home-plate (though the announcer did cop to the “horrible camera work that made the trajectory of the pitch impossible to see).
Also, he also sucks at bowling. What a bitch.

Anyway, John Cole has a reminder and a suggestion for McCarthy and his strong-armed crew (I suppose they're all righties) at NRO:

In fact, the “average” joe doesn’t even play baseball anymore. Hell, the average person doesn’t even watch baseball anymore. The average person didn’t even watch the All Start game his year, with ratings falling again to only around 15 million viewers.

So not only are these wingnuts extrapolating from a baseball pitch all sorts of perceptions of ability to be a leader and general machismo, but they are using flawed assumptions as the basis of their mythology.

McCarthy is welcome to prove me wrong. He and other known athletes like Jonah Goldberg, John Derbyshire, Mark Steyn, Mark Levin, Mark Hemingway, Jim Geraghty, and the rest of the manly man line-up at NRO can post a youtube of themselves throwing a strike from a MLB mound on youtube over the weekend. I assume they’ll be able to do that, because like every other Joe Lunchpail out there, they will no doubt be spending the weekend playing baseball. Just like every other average American.

And then when they are done, I’d like to see their three-point shot.

Yeah, let's leave baseball to all those macho men. I can't wait until the real American pastime gets started in a couple weeks.

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