Monday, July 13, 2009

Good news for the Cowboys

Bad news for everyone else who loves football and has a soul: No more JeRomo.

Tony Romo broke up with Jessica Simpson on Thursday, the night before her 29th birthday, a source close to the pop star tells PEOPLE. "She is heartbroken," says the source. "She loves Tony. But it's been difficult lately. He's busy with his career and she's getting ready to shoot her show (The Price of Beauty). They decided to part ways."
Now that he's gotten rid of Jessica, Romo enters his third season as a NFL starter without the two biggest distractions of his short career. T.O. being the other. That can't help but make him a better quarterback.

And speaking of ol' No. 81, do you realize the first NFL training camp - the Buffalo Bills - opens in 12 days? My football pants are going crazy.

Post-script: I'm sure you will all breathlessly await developments on the couple formerly known as JeRomo on their respective Twitter accounts. Here's Tony, here's Jessica. Enjoy.


Citizen Ojo said...

If I thought this would make him a more focused quarterback I would be happy. But I don't think she was the problem.

Jack T. said...

This will do wonders for my gag reflex. Next, can Tony date a woman with an even more ridiculous parent? Is Bristol Palin available? What about Lindsay Lohan?

blackink said...

@Citizen: Thanks for dropping by, fam. And you know, she may not have been the problem. But I don't think she was helping either. Given the choice, weird as it sounds, I'd rather have T.O. than Jessica. For football purposes.

@Jack: It's Dallas. And he's quarterback of the most notorious professional sports franchise outside of the Yankees and Lakers. Romo doesn't have to settle for that sort of grease fire anymore.

And I'm sure he could get at Lohan if he really wanted to. She's the white Superhead.

Jack T. said...

"She's the white Superhead."

Orange juice just came out of my nose.

Bougie Applebum said...

"The white Superhead"