Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boom ... goes Dougherty

Ladies and gentlemen, the next Champ Kind:

Mostly seriously, this is a good friend of mine from high school and he's in the market for something a little better and a lot bigger. He comes highly recommended by none other than Texas Tech football coach and part-time weirdo, Mike Leach.

Believe that Leach knows talent when he sees it. Or does he?

But because I don't like to see white people wasting taxpayer money, I want to see him working in front of the camera again sometime soon. Drew Dougherty is kind of a big deal.


LJH said...

Whatever happened to his first two on air television partners? If memory serves, they had some real talent.

blackink said...

Nah, not if memory serves me correctly. At least one of those guys was a hack. But I'm not gonna say which one.