Thursday, July 16, 2009

Memory Lane, part 2

Forget Jay-Z, Nas or KRS-One. Don't even talk about 50 Cent. No question, Clubber Lang was the greatest diss artist of my lifetime:

Hard words, from a hard man. But Clubber knows he was lying about Adrien being pretty.


avery said...

ho-ho-hold on, son. we was rollin til you said adrian wasn't pretty. by III, she was about as pretty as she was gon get, which wasn't bad.

but i'm surprised i haven't heard anybody use that "hard words from a hard man" in a sample. that joint's TOO cold-blooded

blackink said...

Haha. Yeah, money must've made the difference for Adrian. But she had to come a loooooooong way to get to decent enough for Clubber to holla.

Also, man, I was actually thinking about jackin' that phrase as the subhead for this blog. But I don't even feel worthy.