Sunday, July 19, 2009

In praise of progressive hip-hop

Over at PostBourgie, we've posted our weekend endorsements today. You might remember that this is a semi-regular feature over there.

Here's mine:

As an owner of satellite radio for the past four years, I have learned not to get too attached to particular channels, shows or hosts. Things change quickly and often without explanation.

I’m thinking about the demise of Wax 42, a channel dedicated to airing relatively obscure hip-hop remixes and freestyles. As you might imagine, it was a sanctuary of sorts from rappers named “Yung” and songs elaborately produced by Pharrell or Timbaland.

Well, against my better judgment, I have once again found myself jonesing for a reliable “progressive hip hop” outlet: the weekly Subsoniq show on the old school-devoted Backspin channel. Hosted by Doc and KB, the show comes on every Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. eastern.

On Subsoniq, the hosts almost never resort to cheap radio gimmicks or regular spins from “106 and Park”-type fare. A regular listener might hear artists ranging from Outkast to Blackalicious to Big L, reasoned critiques of a new Kanye release or a thoughtful debate about Inspectah Deck’s best verse – “Triumph” or “Above the Clouds” with Gangstarr (I'm thinking Triumph).

If you love hip hop and the people who love the music, you won’t be disappointed.

Post-script: I actually wrote this endorsement a couple weeks ago. Now, I should also note that you can go to their Web site or join their Facebook fan page and download the show or find play lists from older shows.

Post post-script: Because this video was so nice and I mentioned it earlier, I had no choice but to post it. Inspectah's verse was heated but I was always partial to Raekwon on this one ("Aiyo, that's amazing/gun in your mouth talk/verbal foul hawk/connect thoughts to make my manchild walk"). Dopeness.


avery said...

deck killed it on triumph, but i gotta admit that my favorite-favorite deck of all was on guillotine(swordz). 'poisonous paragraphs smash your phonograph in half...' kilt.

blackink said...

Nice. That's a good one, too. That whole Deck solo debut album was underrated.

I still have it in the deck, at the ready.

blackink said...

Hey. Not that it's important to mention but, yo, I do know that Guillotine (Swordz) was not on "Uncontrolled Substance."

That was a bad sentence.