Thursday, July 23, 2009

Memory Lane

I really miss New Orleans. It will never be the same:


Esquire said...

That song remains an ipod favorite...

blackink said...

Preach. Dude, I grew up on Juve.

And you couldn't have convinced me, 10 years ago even, that Lil' Wayne would have been the biggest star to come from Cash Money. Juve was clearly the star.

Sort of how Ghostface eclipsed Method Man, in a way.

esquire said...


I have had that same conversation tons of times with people. I thought back in the day you could have even said Wayne was forth in the Hot Boyz depending on how well Turk brought it on a track.

Juve was the star and I always thought BG brought it.

But then I look at the hip hop game now and I just scratch my head. I'm working on something I will post later tonight or tomorrow on the success of guys from Wayne to Drake and Kid Cudi and the absense of NY hip hop. I'm honestly leaning toward the thought that now more than anything else people just want to hear something new from almost anyone (not to take anything away from any of those artists) and the reality is that NY is just not really bringing it these days.

I mean, the biggest new album out of NY will be Jay-Z? No offense to Hov, but over the last ten to 15 years there, is no one out there new for us to listen to?

(Side note and to continue to take this thing off topic- I read your other piece and never got around to commenting. Nas killed Hov. I just felt like everyone underestimated him in that one and he pulled off the upset.)

blackink said...

I feel this. But you know, it's weird that we have this expectation that New York should always sort of own or dominate hip-hop.

True, NY was once the Motherland. But the art has come along far enough that NY has competition at the top, dig? And there's more and more cats out there who sort of cut across regional lines.

Like, if we didn't know their background, what sort of regional style could we identify with Cudi, Kanye or the Clipse?

And how many other forms of music so readily regionalize themselves in this way?

Anyhow, I get what you're saying though. God forbid I have to listen to more Dorrough or Flo Rida this summer. I'm going to need someone else to step up.

(aside, you heard that new Jay, Kanye and Rihanna joint? It's actually nice.)

Also, dude, I can't see it on Jay vs. Nas. It was close. But Kanye's track won it for me, fam.