Thursday, July 23, 2009

Relationship advice from Superhead

Is this a joke?

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Though in all fairness, if there's anyting she knows how to do, it's how to allow someone to "stand down" and "let a man be a man."

I think Hoda Kotb actually has a "bitch, please" moment during this segment.

And here's more from Ms. Steffans' latest literary effort, the "Vixen Manual."


Max Reddick said...

I can hardly believe the attention she has been getting as of late. And her main claim to fame is that she is extraordinarily good at...well you know. She must have one have of an agent because she is getting maximum exposure.

blackink said...

Yeah. It's hard to believe that she could finagle her way onto the set at "Today."

Then again, most of her career is due to her finagling herself into a number of favorable situations.

She's the most famous video girl ever, right?

That anyone could ever take her advice seriously ... sheesh. Bless them.