Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boycotting Beck

Media Matters has come up with a list of 23 companies who are still running ads on Glenn Beck's Fox TV news show. Among the foolishly faithful are (sadly, no events are scheduled for the Tampa area anytime soon), HughesNet and The Wall Street Journal.

Getting lonely over there, eh?

This comes after at least 37 companies have said they will no longer run ads on Beck's televised circus.

Since I rarely watch Beck's show anyway, I really don't have anything to boycott. And I doubt many of you - my faithful readers - are spending much time willfully turning yourselves stoopid by tuning in for his show.

Furthermore, I'm generally not much of a boycott sort of guy. But I am interested in seeing who the holdouts are going to be in this particular situation. What's the endgame?

Clearly, not every company is going to pull their ads from Beck's show - as long as the Fox Movie Channel is around, at least. Is it possible to run a show with only three companies running ads? Or will the right-wingers rally enough support for Beck so that, oh, Whole Foods and Microsoft find their kindred spirit on the tube?

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