Monday, August 24, 2009

Free period: Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup

Am I supposed to boycott companies who advertise on Glenn Beck's show, or am I supposed to boycott Glenn Beck's show? This is too hard. Who wants to have a viewing party for Beck's return to air tonight? Anyone? Two-and-a-half million people can't be wrong, can they?

Like we always do about this time, we've posted Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup over at PostBourgie. It's bigger and better (maybe?) than ever before: more about health care because this shit is important; the U.S. loses its claim to moral authority; Texas' troubles in its education and prison systems; a review of Superhead's latest work (a book); and why a slim majority of Americans prefer good sleep to sex.

In all, 30 items for you all to enjoy. So, enjoy.

1 comment:

KST said...

Would I not be fufilling the dream if I sigh and think that you're making me read waaay to much?

^Take that as the compliment it is meant to be