Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great White ... Hopeless

Colin Asher makes a point that I wish I had written first (damn oversleeping):

Republican Representative Lynn Jenkins stepped in it twice over when she said the Grand Old Party was looking for a "Great White Hope" to stop President Obama's political agenda.

Not only did she put the lie to Republican claims that the party's beef with the president is purely ideological, and not racial, but by employing a boxing metaphor that she clearly doesn't understand, she set herself up as a punching bag.

See, Ms. Jenkins, the thing about Great White Hopes is...they always lose.

Sarah Palin and Eric Cantor look an awful lot like James J. Jeffries to me.


Jack T. said...

I'm reminded of that scene in Coming to America when the guys in the barbershop are talking about boxing and the old white guy brings up Rocky Marciano. "He beat Joe Louis' ass."

The GOP is drowning. What's worse is that the Democratic Party doesn't seem to have the stones to take advantage.

blackink said...

Yeah. The Democrats are like Oscar de la Hoya in the Trinidad fight. They've got all the advantages against an overmatched opponent, but still won't impose themselves.

Of course, Oscar lost that one.