Thursday, August 27, 2009

Memory Lane

Remember this guy? Whatever happened to him?

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Jack T. said...

I read an article where the writer argued that Em got tired of being this iconic figure and wanted to be a regular rapper. The author cited his participation in the "Lean Back" remix and the Akon record as proof that Em wanted to be Fat Joe or something. I don't know about all that.

I think it's a lot less dramatic than that. I mean, how many peak years did Elvis have? 10? 15? He broke through in the mid 50s, and Aloha from Hawaii was in the early 70s. Even the King wasn't the King forever. Hell, even The Beatles didn't see much of the 70s, if they saw any at all (as a band).

All of this is to say that he's only a man, and an artist who has perhaps run out of original things to say. I think it would be silly to still hear him talking about how scarred he is by his childhood or getting into rap beefs. Maybe this will change. But for right now, I won't hold his middling work, which is still better than a lot of guys will get in their careers, against him. I will hold Asher Roth against him. Jeebus, that kid is annoying.

However, speaking of Em, have you seen this?