Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sing, Dance, Stiff-Arm

Because football season makes me that happy. Enjoy the velvety pipes of Mizzou star linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, and then take time to appreciate twinkle-toed Michigan running back Mike Cox.

All I need now is a punter who is skilled with a tambourine to fill out the group. Holla if you know of anyone who fits the bill.

h/t EDSBS and Straight Bangin'


Zen said...

Thank the lord there was no youtube when I was playing. That looks like some mess I would have been involved with. Actually you know me, my ish would have worse.

maria said...

just a tip? empty your pockets before you start dancing.

blackink said...

@Zen: You're definitely fortunate you missed out on the YouTube Era, no? Jeebus. I guess we all are, in retrospect. I had my moments, too.