Thursday, August 6, 2009

Deep Thought

I want my country back. The one where people of color and women didn't have any civil rights.


Jack T. said...

HA. Too bad, it's ours now! (Evil laugh) If you have any questions I'll be spending the night working my big black mojo on some of the neighborhood white women, whose mouths will say "No", but whose eyes will say "Yes...yes...may I burn on Hell's hottest flame, YES!!!"

First Lady said...

Wow, Jack T. That's all I can say ... wow.

Anywho, I want my country back. The one where every disagreement didn't come down to us versus them, moral versus immoral, liberty loving, God-fearing patriots versus troop hating, Jesus cursing commies.

Gee, did that ever exist?

Jack T. said...

I got a "Wow" from the First Lady. I don't know if I should be proud or not.

The idea that "The minorities are taking over" is still ridiculous, but it works as fuel for the anti-Obama fire. I think some folks are going to be ashamed of themselves in a few years.

blackink said...

You should definitely be proud, Jack T. I can't hardly pull her out of the shadows for anything ... In recent weeks, I've been trying to convince her to blog with me. She's definitely smarter than me.

But anyway, when you say this - "I think some folks are going to be ashamed of themselves in a few years" - I wholeheartedly disagree. That's why I want to lay out my thoughts about that Malcolm Gladwell piece I mentioned in a previous post. There's hardly ever any shame when it comes to racism and its practitioners.

Jack T. said...

With all due respect, BI, I think you're putting the emphasis on "ashamed" and not "some." I don't think the major actors are going to be ashamed, but maybe some of these people blindly following them will be. At least I hope so.