Monday, August 3, 2009

Free Period

If this post from Thomas Lifton passes for true American Thought, then we’re all doomed: “I think this photo constitutes another major Obama blunder. As some AT commentators point out, this picture becomes a metaphor for ObamaCare.” A former colleague once told me, “Blackink, don’t argue with logic. Because logic will argue with you.” Truer words …

Don't front. You know what time it is. We just posted Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup over at PostBourgie.

This week, we cover Obama's Kenyan birth certificate, the GOP's mostly male initiative to unseat 13 sitting House Dems, more about health care, how TV killed home cooking, Crazy Uncle Lou and Michael Vick, among many other things.

More later.


Winslow said...

Completely unrelated, but did you read this:

? What are your thoughts on Starbury?

blackink said...

Dude, thanks for jumping over here from PB.

You know ... I'm putting together a post on Starbury now. It's unbelievable. I think we're really watching a sincere cry for help.

Jack T. said...

Somewhere, there's a birfer/wingnut asking why the President isn't wearing a coat or helping Professor Gates.