Friday, August 7, 2009

Free Period


Once again struggling to come up with a theme for PostBourgie's "Friday Genius Ten" this week, I jacked this idea from a friend on Facebook: pick a song(s) with a beat that you would want to rhyme over in a cipher.

My submissions for the week (this was the easy part): Thelonious by Common featuring Slum Village; June 27 by DJ Screw; and I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby by Barry White.

I've heard at least a couple of dudes rip that last track, including Mos Def on "Grown Man Business" and Nas on "No Idea's Original."

Also, let me go ahead and add another five songs to this list:

1. Xxplosive by Dr. Dre featuring Six-Two, Kurupt, Nate Dogg and Hitman.

2. Royal Flush by Outkast featuring Raekwon.

3. You Gots to Chill by EPMD.

4. Mass Appeal by Gangstarr.

5. Juice (Know The Ledge) by Eric B and Rakim. Pretty much, this beat was played endlessly throughout the movie of the same name. And I never once got tired of it.

Also, almost anything by the late, great J Dilla.

But let's be real: if I ever got into the booth, it would probably look a lot like this ...

Chappelle's Show
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More later.

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