Friday, August 7, 2009

Quote of the week

Actually, there was a lot of competition for this honor (it was an unusually good week of reading for me). But Doug J at Balloon Juice sums up the week's disturbing events quite nicely:

When someone talks back to a cop in his own house, that’s disorderly conduct.

When people make death threats and start fights in public, that’s exercising their First Amendment rights.


Jack T. said...

Dougj & John Cole have been killing it these last few weeks.

blackink said...

Word. They're probably one of my first three online stops anytime I cut on the Intertubes.

I even think they helped to reel in Sully a bit when he started sounding like a birther.

Jack T. said...

I agree. And props to John & Doug for having enough respect to get to him and for having the balls to put themselves on the line by going after him.

Also, credit Sully for being man enough to admit when he's made a mistake. It takes grace to make a mistake and admit it. But it's that they take readers along for the trip from thought to mistake to redemption that makes me keep reading Sully and TNC, who has turned this sort of thing into an art form.