Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gimme a starting five

With Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers still at an impasse, The 2 Live Stews took some time on their radio show yesterday to come up with a list of quarterbacks they would take ahead of the Golden Boy.

It was sort of surprising to hear some of the names that came up: Steve Young, Warren Moon and Jim Kelly, to name a few. I say "sort of" because Favre is a legitimate, first-ballot Hall of Famer but nonetheless has had legendary meltdowns in pivotal games - his most recent pass attempt being one of them.

I love the Stews but they took the easy route out of this one. Anyone can debate the relative merits and shortcomings of mostly similar All-Pro quarterbacks. But, off top, I can think of about five non-pro QBs who I might hand the pigskin to before Favre. And you can't prove me wrong either, holmes.

The list, as follows:

1. Vince Young, University of Texas (2005)- I never saw a better, more dominant athlete with the ball in his hands than V.Y. - in high school or college. And it all came together in his Rose Bowl destruction of the overhyped USC Trojans in 2006 (I have preserved this game on my DVR).

2. Steve McNair, Alcorn State (1994) - My pops took me to see "Air" McNair face Sam Houston State during his senior season. He was a revelation: throwing for over 400 yards and running for 100 more. There was almost no defense that could contain him. Too bad the NFL clipped his wings, so to speak.

3. Tommie Frazier, University of Nebraska (1995) - Frazier led the Huskers to consecutive national titles in the mid-90s and was MVP of three national championship games. Obviously, it goes without saying that he came up huge in crunch time.

4. Fred Taylor, TCU (1996)- "Superman" was a JUCO All-American who came to Fort Worth with all the skills and all the credentials. I just can't help but think he didn't make it because we couldn't understand his thick Mississippi accent in the huddle and, uh, grades were a problem.

5. Joel Anderson, Southwest Steers (1989) - A multitalented QB in the tradition of Vince Young and Steve McNair, Anderson led the Steers to two Texas Gulf Coast Football League titles and a 19-1 record over two seasons. As Plies might rap (terribly), "Anywhere where you put me, I'm the realest (brotha) in the room."

Honorable mentions: Stephen Martone, Houston Strake Jesuit College Prep (1997); Quinn Grovey, University of Arkansas (1990); Odell James, Aldine (TX) MacArthur High School (1996); and Terrance Bennett, Houston Yates (1997).

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